Teachers and Schools

Adopt Sun Safety Program
Source: Sun Safety for Kids

Sample school and district policies; Educational videos for K-6; Shopping for shade structures, trees, and hats; Ideas for Don’t Fry Day.

Guidelines for Schools to Prevent Skin Cancer
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This report reviews scientific literature regarding the rates, trends, causes, and prevention of skin cancer and presents guidelines for schools to implement a comprehensive approach to preventing skin cancer.

Kids and Sun Safety
Source: American Academy of Dermatology

Activities and fact sheets to help children understand the importance of staying safe in the sun.

Kids Guide to Self-Screening
Source: Melanoma Research Foundation

The perfect guide for children to learn how to perform self-skin exams and make skin cancer prevention fun.

Project SAFETY
Source: MD Anderson Cancer Center

Project S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Sun Awareness For Educating Today’s Youth) is a science-based skin cancer awareness and prevention curriculum.

Rays Awareness: Preventing Skin Cancer Lesson
Source: The Skin Cancer Foundation

Free skin cancer awareness lesson for grades 6-12. Duration is two class periods, 40 minutes each.

Smart Sun Safety: Fun in the Sun 101
Source: The Skin Cancer Foundation

Free online activities and downloadable materials for kids and teachers.

Sun Safety Resources for Schools
Source: California Department of Public Health

Free sun safety resources for schools ranging from posters to activities.

Sun Smart America K-12 Curriculum
Source: Melanoma Research Foundation

These resources promote the SunSmart America™ message and provide teachers with information and a range of classroom activities on skin cancer and sun protection.

SunAWARE for Schools
Source: Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation

The SunAWARE curriculum is designed for K-12 students and includes four distinct instructional levels. It encompasses lessons on the factors that affect UV intensity and skin sensitivity as well as proven methods of sun protection and skin cancer recognition. Free school resources including UV meters and info fliers are available.

SunGuard Man
Source: Center for a Healthy Maryland

Free activities and resources for schools.

SunSmart Australia
Source: Cancer Council Victoria, Australia

Australia’s premier skin cancer prevention program has numerous resources for schools and children.

SunWise School Program
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Free sun safety resources and tool kit for K-8 schools. The tool kit contains more than 50 age-appropriate and cross-curricular activities that are aligned with national education standards.

SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A national sun safety poster contest for K-8th grade students.

Take a Stand, Don’t Tan
Source: Melanoma Research Foundation

A free program for teens and college-age students.

Your Skin is in!
Source: IMPACT Melanoma

The Your Skin Is In contest asks high school and college students to take a No-Tanning pledge prior to their proms and spring break.